Wound Care Consulting

How are we different? What sets us apart?

Wound Wizard is unique in many ways. From outcome reporting to wound care product evaluation, we provide specialty consulting solutions to this industry. WW clinical advisory board is a first for a wound care software company. Composed of Plastic Surgeons, Vascular Surgeons, Wound Care specialists, Internists, Advanced Nurse Practioners and national authorities in wound care it brings a whole bevy of tools to bear on your facilities wound care issues.

Wound Wizard Clinical Advisory Team

Evaluation and Diagnosis of Wound Care related issues at your Hospital, LTAC and Long Term Care Facility. Our qualified group of professionals can analyze and provide solutions to your Wound Care treatment and management issues.

Capture-Track-Treat Program TM: What is your current capture rate of patients with wounds leaving your institution? How many are lost to follow up? How can your Wound Care Center optimize its addmissions? Prevention of 30-day re-admissions. Our Wound Care Specialists have extensive experience in treating and managing patients to improve treatments and optimize admissions.

Establishment of Wound Care Protocols

Wound Product Evaluations. What products work? Optimization of savings and increasing efficacy leading to improved healing rates. Our team along with our software has created a unique blend of talent and technology to allow analysis and evaluate specific wound care products and its efficacy.

Education / Training of your in-house Wound Care Team. Our Curriculum was developed to educate and train your staff in the prevention, treatment and management of Wound Care and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

Survey Preparation: We can educate and prepare your organization in developing protocols that will allow you to be fully prepared for any survey encounter.

To learn more about all Consulting services please send us an email and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.