WoundWizard® was created by Wound Care professionals for Wound Care professionals. In addition to the technology used below, we incorporated the ability to customize WoundWizard® to suit your specific needs.

Our Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solution allows you to easily manage and track wound care progress outcomes. Notes are entered instantly into the system as you type them, so you and your staff have access to the latest patient updates. We meet HIPAA compliance requirements and our technology team installed additional security features so you can rest assured your patients information is secure and private.

Covered by the Cloud

WoundWizard® uses the SaaS (Software as a Service) model; you can access it anytime from anywhere you have an Internet Connection! You can use WW on your laptop, desktop, mobile device or tablet.

WoundWizard® EMR includes the following features:

  • Hosted in cloud server (SaaS)
  • Developed using open source technology (PHP/MySQL)
  • SSL – Secure Socket Layer protocol is used for managing secure transmissions over the Internet
  • RBAC - Role based access control regulates access to WoundWizard® based upon the roles of your individual users
  • APC cache for increased performance
  • Daily backup of Database and files
  • Audit log
  • Auto Save feature in consultation page
  • Wound Marking tool with 3D models
  • Braden Score
  • Dynamic Review of System (ROS) – Administrators can configure this to your specific needs
  • Dynamic Physical Examination - Administrators can configure this to your specific needs
  • Ability to create different user types and set permission levels
  • We provide a Master Sheet for every Option in WoundWizard®
  • Administrators can easily add new items
  • Outcome Reporting with charts – Outcome Reporting automatically captures: debridement reports, etiology report, pressure stage report, Rx recommendations report, daily monitoring, pressure and non-pressure ulcer logs, weekly wound reports and wound closure trends to name a few
  • WoundWizard® also includes customized reporting which can be created by your Administrator and or office staff to suit your particular wound care needs