WoundWizard® Nursing Module

Wound Care Nurses usually assess the initial wound and help develop the course of treatment plan that will aide in wound healing. Sometimes, you may need to document a debridement while working with the patient’s physician and other times, the physician will review your notes to determine the best treatment options collectively for your patient. The Nursing Module and Physician Module are connected allowing seamless note comparison for cohesive plans of action providing the highest level of care while working towards positive healing outcomes.

In addition to maintaining patients' health, you may also be the key resource for your clinical team, helping them prevent and manage wound care. You may also be the facilitator working with the patient's family members in the event home care or a hospice is needed.

WoundWizard® Supports all of your Roles

WoundWizard® was designed by Wound Care professionals like yourself to overcome obstacles you might encounter during the normal course of documenting and providing treatment for wounds.

  • User friendly - designed by wound care nurses for wound care professionals
  • Cloud based - extremely mobile; accessible on laptops, netbooks and iPads from virtually any internet connection
  • Created with extensive pre-populated drop down windows containing frequently utilized documentation items
  • Clean, straight forward design that allows the physician to quickly and easily capture accurate diagnosis documentation
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Recent patient admissions and daily patient treatment visit documentation is automatically linked to the patients that the wound care physician is also treating
  • 3D Wound Models – you can easily mark where the wound is located on your patient, allowing for accurate treatment and diagnosis of multiple wound sites
  • Nursing / clinical staff team members can look up physician treatment notes instantly
  • Printing patient treatment notes can be accomplished quickly when needed
  • Outcome Reporting automatically captures: daily monitoring, pressure and non-pressure ulcer logs, weekly wound reports and wound closure trends and it also includes customized reports which can be created by your facility / hospital to suit your particular wound care needs