Study Links Slow Diabetic Wound Healing to Weaker Electric Fields

Slow Diabetic Wound HealingSeveral researches have provided significant insights into how naturally occurring electrical fields (EFs) in human beings participate in the control of tissue repair and regeneration. EFs also regulate various body, organ and cell functions, including growth and skin wound healing. However, this won’t work well with diabetic individuals. Slow healing wounds that require close monitoring and better wound care are common with diabetic people. Poor healing can also increase the risk of fungal and bacterial infections, and gangrene.

A recent research, conducted at the University of California paves the way for new approaches in treating non-healing diabetic wounds. The study shows that in animal models of diabetes, slow healing is associated with weaker electrical currents in wounds. The results could ultimately open up new approaches for managing diabetic patients.

Electric Currents Weaker in Diabetics

The team used a highly sensitive probe to measure electrical fields in the corneas of isolated eyes from three different lab mouse models with different types of diabetes: genetic, drug-induced and in mice fed a high-fat diet.

In a healthy eye, there is an electrical potential across the thickness of the cornea. The researchers found that these electric currents were much weaker in the eyes from all three strains of diabetic mice than in healthy mice. Delayed wound healing was associated with weaker electric currents. The researchers also found that human corneal cells exposed to high levels of glucose showed less response to an electric field. Diabetics have high levels of glucose in their tears. Correcting this defect would offer a totally new approach for treating chronic and non-healing wounds in diabetic patients.

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