Ordinary Tap Water to Clean Out Diabetic Foot Wounds

Foot ulcers and wounds, often caused by diabetes can fail to heal for months or even years. The management of diabetic foot ulcers requires daily saline or similar dressings to provide a moist wound environment. Wound debridement is the common treatment, which includes manually removing dead tissue and bacteria and then dressing the wound. Left untreated, they can become infected and lead to the tissue in the surrounding area dying, resulting even in limb amputation.

But now, it has been found that electrified water may well change the way the bacteria in these wounds behave. A new research finds that electrolyzed tap water can speed up the wound healing process. When electricity is passed through tap water, it turns into a cheap antiseptic solution. Research has found that this electrolyzed water can physically remove the debris and bacteria during the washing process and kill bacteria.

The UK company Aqualution developed this new approach for hard-to-heal wounds that involves passing an electric current through a mixture of tap water and salt for a couple of minutes.

In the new trial that is to be held at Hairmyres Hospital in Lanarkshire, doctors will wash out 200 patients’ foot wounds with electrolyzed water or use a conventional healing gel. Wound healing will be monitored for the next three months.

Diabetic Foot Ulcer – Better Documentation Crucial

Accurate wound assessment and clear documentation also plays a crucial role in improving the clinical outcome of diabetic foot ulcer management. Foot ulcer evaluation should include assessment of neurological status, vascular status, and evaluation of the wound itself. It should include vital information such as wound size, shape, location, depth, base, and border, as well as signs of infection and deterioration. Wound specific EMRs can aid in better clinical documentation.

As the system is supported with an interface for physician and nurses, it will allow quick access to patient information and thus improve the assessment process. It also comes with wound assessment templates that help physicians to enter their observations accurately and quickly. The software provides the facility to capture the digital image of a wound that can make assessment more efficient.