New Wound Dressings Using Already Known Dextranomer Powder

New Wound DressingsAdvanced wound care EMR is indispensable for your healthcare practice, hospital or wound care center since effective care of chronic wounds and those with other underlying health conditions require constant monitoring. Without monitoring and documentation, it becomes impossible to ascertain the state of the wound at various stages. This could result in poor outcomes for your patients and your practice.

As important as incorporating efficient and customized wound EMR is getting to learn about new dressings that could reduce the healing time of chronic wounds.

Advanced Wound Dressings Using Already Known Material

New and innovative wound care dressings continue to be launched by companies. Among the recent innovations to see the light of day are three products that use Dextranomer powder for facilitating faster and more efficient healing.

The advantages of Dextranomer in wound care have been well documented, and it has been used for treating chronic wounds. Dextranomer performs the task of effectively absorbing the microorganisms, debris and exudate from the wound bed towards the dressing.

Dextranomer with Iron Sulfate and Chitosan

One such product by the MPP Group involves using Dextranomer along with iron sulfate and Chitosan. As Dextranomer effectively absorbs the exudates and microorganisms from the wound to the dressing, Chitosan prevents and stops existing bacterial growth on account of its hemostatic and microbial properties. This leads to quicker granulation of new skin. In bleeding wounds the iron sulfate stops blood flow, which helps the other ingredients to perform their task better. All of these make the healing process much faster.

Another wound product recently launched also uses Dextranomer. In fact, this product called Erudex is a wholly Dextranomer powder product that helps in removing debris from ulcers, burns and wounds that exude plasma that is either clean or infected.

Dextranomer with Dextrosan and Iron Sulfate

Dextrosan is yet another Dextranomer product by the MPP Group that works with Chitosan. Dextatic is a strong hemostatic dressing which stops the bleeding while facilitating better healing with an improved wound bed. Dextatic contains Dextrosan with iron sulfate which is known to stop bleeding and function as a hemostat.

Advanced products such as these utilize already known wound healing materials to create more powerful dressings. These create the right environment for faster wound healing, along with efficient monitoring and documentation by an advanced wound care EMR.