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How to Care for a Puncture Wound

A puncture wound occurs when a sharp,pointed object such as a nail, a jagged piece of metal or a piece of wood pierces the skin. This wound can be deep or shallow; large or small. In fact, a puncture wound does not usually cause excessive¬†bleeding. Treatment for the puncture wound depends on its severity as […]

Important Factors That Affect the Wound Healing Process

Wound healing is a systematic process. Typically, a wound takes 1-4 weeks to heal depending on the severity. However, certain factors can lead to delayed wound healing. In such cases, it is important to find out why the wound is not healing properly. Factors that Negatively Affect Wound Healing Here are some factors that delay […]

Choosing the Right EHR System for Your Wound Clinic – a Few Tips

Healthcare organizations all over the world are undergoing great changes in the way they collect, store and use patient data. In fact, technology is the reason behind this rapid change and many countries have now begun using electronic health records (EHRs) or electronic medical records (EMRs). The United States has even offered financial compensation for […]

Daytime Wounds Heal Faster Than Those Sustained During Nighttime

A new study suggests that wounds sustained during the daytime heal faster than those sustained at night. In fact, the body’s circadian rhythm (circadian clock) plays an important role in healing. Recent research led by John O’Neill, from the Medical Research Council (MRC) Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, England, in collaboration with NHS colleagues […]

Sugars Can Help Heal Non-healing Skin Wounds, Says Study

A joint study by researchers from the UK and Pakistan has found that Sugars can help in treating poor-healing wounds such as chronic ulcers in the elderly, and diabetic ulcers. Research conducted by the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and the School of Clinical Dentistry at the University of Sheffield, and the Interdisciplinary Research […]