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Some Factors to Consider When Treating Diabetic Wounds

Diabetes can cause a number of complications, including some that make it harder for the wounds to heal. Among the wounds that occur, the most dangerous are diabetic foot wounds, which can develop into ulcers. In diabetic patients, even minor cuts can increase the chance of infection. According to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), by […]

Advanced Wound Care Market to Reach $12,454 Million by 2022

Advanced wound care (AWC) combined with accurate wound EMR documentation has now emerged as a standard solution for treating chronic wounds. Due to their efficacy in managing wounds by enabling faster healing, advanced wound care products are now gradually replacing traditional wound care products. The latest market report from Allied Market Research predicts that the […]

Get to Know More about Transparent Film Dressings for Wound Care

The right wound dressing is critical to provide a valuable protective barrier against outside contaminates, fluid, and bacteria. A transparent film dressing is a thin sheet of clear polyurethane coated with an adhesive to adhere to the wound margins without sticking to the actual wound. This dressing type is typically used to – Protect the […]

Chronic Wound Assessment and Documentation – Learn More

Chronic wounds, such as leg and pressure ulcers fail to heal within a reasonable time and can have a devastating effect on your quality of life. The treatment of non-healing, chronic wounds should be based on a holistic assessment of each patient, as well as on local wound assessment. Regular reassessments also motivate patients and […]

Heart Health, One among the Factors in Wound Healing

Wounds can present a daily challenge and affect the quality of life. For a wound to heal successfully, all four phases (hemostasis, inflammation, proliferation, and remodeling) must occur in the proper sequence and time frame. Several intrinsic or extrinsic factors may result in slow wound healing. It is a rarely known fact that heart health […]