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Overweight or Obesity Likely to Cause Post Op Infections in Children

Wound infections after surgery are common. Surgical site infections (SSIs) include infections in the area of the skin where the incision is made, infections below the incision in muscles and tissues surrounding the muscles, and infections in other parts of the body involved in the surgery. Several studies report that on an average, post-surgery infection […]

Wound Assessment Documentation – Know What to Include

Wound assessment is an integral part of wound management. A thorough wound assessment includes a complete patient evaluation and guides all decisions of care. Another objective of assessment is to monitor treatment effectiveness. Wound assessment involves observation, data collection and ongoing evaluation process, which should be holistic, systematic and evidence based. All wounds are classified […]

Researchers Find New Way to Heal Wounds without Scars

As your skin heals after an injury or accident, a scar may form. Scarring is a natural part of the wound healing process. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of California have found a new way to make fresh wounds heal as normal, and manipulate wound healing so that it leads to […]

Ostomy Medical Record Documentation Tips

Ostomy is a surgically created opening in the body (i.e. a stoma) for the discharge of body wastes. It is performed when a medical condition is very severe and ostomy offers a better alternative. Ostomy surgery may involve some short-term and long-term complications, including; parastomal hernia, prolapse, stenosis, retraction, parastomal varices, skin conditions, and metabolic […]