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Burn Injuries – Care, Treatment and Assessment

Burns can be caused by thermal(hot metals, steam), radiation (X-rays, UV rays), chemical (strong acids, alkalies), or electrical (alternating current, direct current) contact. Infants and the elderly are at the greatest risk for burn injury. Burns can be classified into three degrees based on how deeply and severely they penetrate the skin’s surface. While first […]

Wound Management Technologies – Market Growth by 2020

Proper wound management with improved technologies can promote wound healing and thus prevent further complications. According to a recent report from Persistence Market Research, the wound management technologies market is set for expansive growth over the next 10 years. Some of the crucial factors driving this market are: Growing prevalence of chronic wounds Improving efficiency […]

Delay in Chronic Wound Healing – Opioid Intake Is a Deciding Factor

Chronic wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers and venous ulcers present a major public health problem. Such wounds often fail to heal even after three months of appropriate wound care. Several reports indicate that approximately 6.5 million people in the U.S. experience chronic wounds. It is a fact that opioids have been regarded for millennia […]

Wound Management in Oncology Patients

Wound healing is a matter of great concern among oncology patients. As the cancer treatment strategies currently include surgery, radiation, and chemotherapeutic regimens, wounds created by these strategies can lead to a lot of problems. Even a simple wound can move down to the bone and cause a bone infection, making it difficult to heal. […]

WHO Guidelines to Prevent Surgical Site Infection (SSI) – An Overview

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently released new guidance on preventing surgical site infections (SSIs). Surgical site infections are caused by bacteria that get in through incisions made during a surgery. These infections are a threat to the lives of millions of patients each year and contribute to the spread of antibiotic resistance. Surgical wounds […]