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Cold Plasma Therapy Can Help Treat Non-healing Wounds, Finds Study

Non-healing, chronic wounds cause tremendous suffering and debilitation. A new study published by Russian scientists would serve as a relief to people experiencing this painful condition. A team of researchers from Russia‚Äôs Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) found that treating cells with cold plasma leads to their regeneration and rejuvenation, and this led […]

Delayed Healing of Chronic Wounds Associated with Fungal Communities

Chronic wounds including diabetic foot ulcers are hard to heal. A recent research study published in mBio found that fungal communities contribute to the delayed healing of chronic wounds. In their latest study, researchers in Pennsylvania and Iowa have provided a deep characterization of the fungi found in diabetic foot ulcers. The team discovered that […]

Silver Dressings for Wound Management

Silver-containing dressings are widely used to assist with the management of infected wounds and those at risk of infection. Because of its well-known antibacterial properties, silver has been used for ages as a wound care product. Earlier, colloidal silver was formally approved by the U.S. FDA for use in the treatment of wounds. Now silver-based […]

Documentation and Treatment of Gunshot Wounds

Gunshot wounds are one of the most traumatic injuries a person can suffer. There are different gunshot wounds depending on where the person is hit, e.g. the head, abdomen or limbs (legs or arms). For these different areas, different procedures are needed and there should not be any mix-up in the treatment because there is […]

Ordinary Tap Water to Clean Out Diabetic Foot Wounds

Foot ulcers and wounds, often caused by diabetes can fail to heal for months or even years. The management of diabetic foot ulcers requires daily saline or similar dressings to provide a moist wound environment. Wound debridement is the common treatment, which includes manually removing dead tissue and bacteria and then dressing the wound. Left […]