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Research Identifies Human Gene Product to Regulate Wound Healing

Poorly managed wounds can get infected and lead to other complications. Better wound healing requires proper wound assessment, which is now easy with wound-specific EMR. It helps in better documentation and treatment of the wound and makes the job of physicians and nurses a lot easier and more efficient. With many ongoing studies and researches, […]

Moisture Management Essential for Wound Healing

One of the advantages of a wound care EMR is the comprehensive documentation it offers. This is quite important in managing the wound healing process. It allows the care team to understand the nature of the wound, the treatment administered and the healing rate. With regard to wound management, moisture level is an important detail […]

Accurate Documentation Is Key to Quality Wound Care Management

Inappropriate management of wounds and poor wound documentation can lead to delayed healing, deterioration of wounds and wound breakdown. Constant monitoring is important for acute and chronic wounds. Proper documentation is crucial, especially in wound care clinics and nursing facilities to provide guidance for appropriate treatment decisions, to evaluate the healing process, support reimbursement claims […]

Comprehensive Approach to Chronic Wound Care

The advantage of an advanced and customized wound care EMR is that it contributes to a more comprehensive approach in treating chronic wounds. Treating the Patient as a Whole It is important that while treating the wound the patient is seen as a whole and the treatment approach incorporates the overall health, social environment, financial […]