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Operative Wound Classification and Wound Care EMR

A wound care EMR can help better document, study and treat all kinds of wounds, including surgical wounds that need to be closely monitored. Importance of Classifying Surgical Wounds Operative wound classification is vital for predicting risks of post-operative SSIs (surgical site infections) or other complications following a surgical procedure. The onus is on RNs […]

Why Getting the Right Tape for Your Patient’s Wound Matters

Little aspects could delay or even prevent wound care and cause skin injury. That’s why documentation is so important in wound care, and an efficient and customized wound EMR comes in handy. It is important to select the right tape for the patient, as incorrect use or use of the wrong kind of tape could […]

Wound Care Surgeons Can Rely on TIME for Chronic Wound Care

Wound care surgeons have a good deal of monitoring to do to decide treatment options for chronic wounds. They rely on their own observations plus the observations and documentation of nurses and other professionals in the care team. A wound care EMR facilitates this for eventually better outcomes. TIME Principles for Wound Care The World […]

Effective Wound Cleansing and Wound Dressing Vital for Speedy Healing and Recovery

The benefits of a wound EMR have been felt by nursing homes and wound care facilities. Its comprehensive documentation capabilities and easy record entry ensure that the wound is monitored at every stage. Its involvement begins right from the cleansing stage. It may be quite a basic thing to do but wound cleansing seems to […]

How Shifting to Customized Wound Care EMR Improves Efficiency

The case for a customized wound care EMR can be made without much effort, since its benefits to the patient and the practice are clear to see. Wound Care EMR for Better Management Wound management is a process requiring professionalism, dedication, constant observation and documentation. Technology helps here a lot though it cannot quite replace […]