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Apligraf and Dermagraft More Effective for Chronic Wounds

With increased prevalence of chronic wounds and growing number of people with diabetes in the United States, it is vital to promote more advanced wound care treatment. Recently, a report regarding the comparative effectiveness of Apligraf and Dermagraft in treating chronic wounds was presented during the Fall Symposium for Advanced Wound Care (SAWC) annual medical […]

Managing Wound Dehiscence after Breast Reduction Surgery

Wound dehiscence and delayed wound healing are the most common and grievous complication following a breast reduction surgery. The patient who makes a considerable financial investment for their breast reduction surgery expects quick and aesthetically pleasing results. With this complication, they will have to deal with an open wound in their breast. For effectively managing […]

Epidermal Grafting for Wound Care – An Analysis

Autologous skin grafting has been used widely for wound closure, optimizing a functional scar and improving aesthetic outcomes in patients with wounds. Though a vast majority use full-thickness and split-thickness skin grafts, epidermal skin grafts have emerged as an effective option when only the epidermal layer is required. Epidermal skin grafts are found to be […]

Focusing on Preventing Burns at Home This Burn Awareness Week

This Burn Awareness Week, it is important to renew the commitment to prevent burns and also realize that effective burn wound care is essential at the earliest stages. The awareness week focuses on dealing with the situation even earlier – before the burns occur. In other words, it focuses on preventing burns. First aid burn […]