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Google Glass and Wound EMR for Quality Wound Care

When treating chronic wounds, meticulous documentation is inevitable for determining wound severity and monitoring the healing process over time. However, current wound documentation with digital photography is a time-consuming and hectic process. As a wearable computer device equipped with a light optical head mounted display, Google Glass enables physicians to capture data (photographs and videos) […]

Accurate Documentation Critical for Wound Exudate Assessment

Exudate is a liquid produced by acute and chronic wounds as a result of tissue damage. Wound exudate is a natural part of the healing process as it contains nutrients, energy and growth factors for metabolizing cells and high quantities of white blood cells; cleanses the wound; maintains a moist environment and supports epithelialization. It […]

Newly Developed Elastic Hydrogel May Enhance Wound Healing

Unique thermoresponsive and elastic properties make Elastin-like polypeptides (ELPs) effective for biomedical applications. A new research study published in Advanced Functional Materials discusses newly developed ELP-based hydrogels and how they are tested in lab tissues and animal models for wound healing. This strong hydrogel made of proteins becomes as elastic as human tissues such as […]

Ultrasound to Heal Bedsores and Skin Ulcers Much Faster

A new study by a group of scientists from the University of Sheffield and University of Bristol reveals that the use of low-intensity ultrasound can reduce the healing time for bedsores and skin ulcers by a third. Bedsores and skin ulcers are chronic wounds and their formation is linked to age and diabetes. Chronic wounds […]