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Role of Wound EMR in Selecting Most Appropriate Wound Dressing

Choosing the most appropriate dressing for a wound is very important to reduce the healing time. Accurate wound documentation can help wound care nurses match the right dressing with the right wound at the right time with the right patient. Rather than a general EMR that supports generic information, a wound care EMR that specifically […]

Why Wound Care EMR is Critical for Tele-Wound Care

Tele-wound care is the best option for old, disabled and unwell patients with multiple co-morbidities who have chronic wound care requirements. Such patients may not be able to visit a clinic without an assistant and often require multiple consultations with long term follow-up. A tele-wound care system connects the patients located in rural settings, nursing […]

Wound EMR for Holistic Assessment of Patients with Wounds

It is important to perform a holistic assessment of the patient while managing acute or chronic wounds. If you fail to appropriately assess wounds and provide optimal care, it will result in delayed healing time, increased risk of infection, and inappropriate use of wound dressing. This can negatively impact the quality of life of the […]

National Burn Awareness Week 2015, February 1-7

This year, National Burn Awareness Week is celebrated February 1-7, 2015 focusing on different types of burns and their prevention. Since burn injuries are common in the U.S., especially among children, awareness regarding the prevention of burn injuries and proper wound care is critical. National Burn Awareness Week is celebrated each year to kick off […]