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Major Benefits of Using Mobile EMR for Wound Care

Providing superior bedside care is very vital in effective wound care management. If it is not possible to bring relevant information to the bedside, physicians will have to constantly go back and forth from patients to tethered PCs for accessing wound status updates, understanding healing stages, prescribing drugs and performing other important tasks. This is […]

Proper Wound Care Management Important Amidst Ebola Threat

A question that arises in the minds of many against the backdrop of the Ebola threat is whether the virus can spread through an open wound. Technically it is possible, as per CDC advice. Ebola can spread through direct contact with an infected person’s (alive or dead) body fluids such as saliva, blood, vomit, mucus, […]

Wound EMR Facilitates Documenting Comprehensive Medical History

While evaluating a new patient with a wound, it is imperative to obtain a comprehensive patient history. It is essential for proper wound assessment, understanding any medical issues and getting clear insights into why the wound is not healing. This information will help clinicians prepare an appropriate plan of care tailored for the patient. With […]